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About me

My name is Daniel, I'm 37 years old, I live in beautiful Cologne, Germany and I'm responsible for weddink.


I love language, the semicolon, or the swing of the O. The scratching of the pen or the feel of the paper. The endless ways of writing letters to create words.

All of this fascinates me immensely. Perhaps it's this originality of writing and penmanship in times of autocorrect and voice messages.

If I had to say how I got into calligraphy or lettering, I would answer: perhaps because my primary school teacher awarded marks for handwriting. But at the very latest because I attended my first modern calligraphy workshop with the luminary calligraphy teacher Katharina Ostenda almost seven years ago.


Even today, it is still absolutely fantastic to be able to make others happy by simply doing what I love.

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